This is intended for Jesus Tough Followers who want to be remembered as men who helped make a relevant difference in lives. These are men who experience a lifestyle of contentment—a lifestyle which
requires them to be honest regarding the following three questions:
1 Who am I?
2 Where do I want to go?
3 How am I going to get there?

Insights to Ponder
 Knowing who they are (or their identity) is best achieved by having spiritual beliefs, core values, and
an ultimate life purpose.
 Knowing where one wants to go (their chosen life destination) is best achieved by learning the results
of choosing between the narrow life road, and the broad life road. Results of surveys reveal most
men are likely to be deceived regarding which road they have chosen.
 Knowing how to get there represents one of the most un-answered questions in modern Christianity.
Only a few men have a life plan to guide how they use their God-provided resources regarding what
they think about, say, and do.

Facing Life Barriers
There are four major barriers with which men must come to grips. These include:
1 Who they are? This is largely driven by desires to be providers, which frequently
results in their being consumed by their careers.
2 They are victims of living in an affluent society in which temptations,
pleasures, peer pressures, and fears are destroying their lives. All of
these are enemies of a lifestyle of contentment.
3 They will do most anything to avoid being made to feel uncomfortable
or threatened. This results in devastating life consequences.
4 Their life secrets leave a sense of shame and guilt that keeps them from
moving forward in their life journey.
This is especially troubling for men who are beyond their LIFE HALFTIME—the period in life they have the
resources needed to help make a relevant difference in lives. They need help in learning “how to” discover
the reason they were created—their LIFE WHY. This discovery is needed because the things most men
choose to do doesn’t satisfy their souls.

Living with a Purpose
This is a lifestyle choice which requires men to embrace the essentials
by knowing the meaning of, importance of, and how to discover why they
were created. This is needed in order to have clear understandings regarding the concept of living purpose-focused lives. As a result, they should have desires for wanting to move beyond their past, as well as their comfort  zones, in order to become difference-makers who leave lasting legacies.

Understanding the ESSENTIALS
This is achieved by embracing the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, and “HOW TO” elements of a purpose-focused
life. A description of each of these follows:

This is described as one that results in men experiencing a sense of peace, joy, and contentment daily—
regardless of circumstances faced. It also results in the deepest longings of souls being satisfied. These
 Being confident of spending eternity in Heaven by having made a biblically sound, life-
changing commitment to follow Christ daily
 Establishing close relationships with other men-followers who provide encouragement,
support, and opportunities for self-reflection
 Having clear meaning and purpose for living
 Having made a significant difference in lives
 Being respected due to how they interact with and treat others

Five life-impacting reasons for discovering and living a focused life with a clear purpose include:
1 Gives meaning to life. Without meaning, life has limited significance and false hope.
2 Simplifies life. It provides clear guidance for determining what and what not to do.
3 Provides clear direction. It helps to concentrates efforts, energies, and resources on what’s most important.
4 Inspires people. It guides lifestyle choices to want to discover causes which bring a sense of joy.
5 Prepares people for eternity. It helps them to get best prepared for life’s final judgment before Christ. This is the time people receive their rewards for becoming faithful servants.

This is best achieved when participating in life-purpose discussions in environments which:
 Provide opportunities for food, fun, and fellowship
 Are safe, welcoming, and engaging
 Are focused on building relationships, and achieving relevant eternal impacts on lives
 Participants are open, honest, and forthcoming
 Provide encouragement, support, and opportunities for self-reflection.

If you want to learn more about living a purpose-focused lifestyle in which you discover your ultimate purpose, you are invited to engage in a conversation with a member of our team.