a life game-changing experience

Life Destiny Question

Do you want to win the Game of Life, make the Kingdom All-Star Team, and
participate in the Awards Ceremony?

Life Purpose Boot Camp is a series of three thought-provoking short courses. This was created because results of spiritual health surveys reveal a lack of knowledge is the leading destroyer of men’s souls.  They have become victims of today’s Christian Education crisis.  

Graduates of this boot camp will remember this as being the most relevant, life-impacting small group discussions that they have ever experienced. They will be equipped to win the Game of Life, make the Kingdom All-Star Team, and participate in the Awards Ceremony. This is achieved by completing the three stages in this series of small group discussions that are held in safe, welcoming, and engaging environments.

Stage 1 educates men to gain a fundamental body of knowledge needed to fulfill their God-provided plan, purpose, and passions for serving causes for which they were created.

Stage 2 equips men to win the Game of Life by establishing an authentic, dependent, personal relationship with Christ in a biblically-sound manner.  This how one becomes confident of their eternal destiny.

Stage 3 equips men to make the Kingdom All-Star Team by choosing to live a purpose-focused lifestyle—a lifestyle which is guided by the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.

Why Needed

Three reasons for creating this boot camp include:Results of a recent Barna Research Group survey reveal less than 5% of Christian men win the game of life by choosing the narrow road that leads to Heaven. This is achieved by making a biblically-sound, life-changing, Holy Spirit-led commitment to follow Christ. Only a few men that win the Game of Life make the Kingdom All-Star Team as a result of discovering and satisfying their God-provided purpose and passions. This is achieved by experiencing a purpose-focused lifestyle, and serving causes for which they were created and equipped. These men leave lasting legacies of having made relevant differences in lives. 3 Most men never think about their final life judgment before Christ. This keeps them from wanting to become prepared for participating in the Awards Ceremony, and hearing the words “well done, good and faithful servant.” This will be the most soul-satisfying experience imaginable.

About Stage 1

There are seven key, thought-provoking discussion topics contained in this stage. Graduates will gain the fundamental body of knowledge needed to leave a lasting legacy of being relevant difference-makers. This is achieved through a process of mutual learning gained through participating in engaging conversations about:

Men’s Spiritual Plight

Choosing the Winning Road

3 Building a Life Foundation

4 Getting out of the Ditch

5 Winning the Game of Life

6 Making the All-Star Team

7 Attending the Awards Ceremony

Stage 1 Outcome

Gaining a fundamentally-sound body of knowledge is achieved by comprehending:1 The spiritual plight of men in today’s worldly culture.2 The authenticity of the Bible.3 The essentials of Christianity, particularly in regard to Christ and eternity.4 The meaning and importance of establishing a right relationship with Christ.5 The importance of being guided by a life game plan.6 God’s expectations for demonstrating Christlike character.7 The importance of fulfilling their God-provided purpose.8 The importance of serving causes for which they were created.9 What’s at stake regarding the final life judgment before Christ.

Stage 2

This stage is focused on equipping men to win the Game of Life by establishing an authentic, dependent, personal relationship with Christ.  This is the event that gets a name recorded in the Book of Life.

 Stage 2 Outcome

Graduates of this stage can make a case for thinking they will spend eternity in Heaven. This is achieved by makinga biblically-sound, life-changing, Holy Spirit-led commitment to become a follower of Christ.

Stage 3

This stage is focused on equipping men whom have their name recorded in the Book of Life to make the Kingdom All-Star Team by experiencing a purpose-focused lifestyle.  This is achieved by following a clear, systematic lifeplan that contains key indicators for measuring spiritual progress along their life journey.

Stage 3 Outcome

Graduates of this stage are equipped for making a life-long commitment that prepares them for making the Kingdom All-Star Team, and participating in the Awards Ceremony during their life journey. This is achieved by satisfying the following nine key indicators:

  1. Describing how the Holy Spirit guides what they think, say, and do.

2. Establishing connected relationships with fellow Followers of Christ.

3. Engaging in small men’s growth groups which provide encouragement and support.

4. Demonstrating Christlike character in daily interactions.

5. Having fulfilled their God-provided purpose and passions for helping make relevant life-impacts. 

6. Having safeguards against soul-destroying addictions in the form of worldly temptations.

7. Demonstrating wise stewardship of God’s money and time.

8. Making life-corrections needed to become more and more like Christ.

 9. Having forgiven everyone who has hurt them in the past.

This is not for everyone. This is set apart from most approaches because it is a higher-standard, clear expectation approach to faith development. It is focused on achieving results which are clear evidences of spiritual growth. Furthermore, it requires men to get out of their comfort zones, and perform self-assessments that are needed to measure their faith-development progress.

Want to Get in the Game?

If interested in learning about opportunities for participating in the pilot testing of a Life Purpose Boot Camp in your area, please contact us via e-mail: lifelegacy101@gmail.com. This can become remembered as one of the most rewarding series of small men’s group discussions imaginable. There is a lot at stake regarding how you choose to respond. Make the right choice!