This is intended for those who want to have a biblically sound reason for believing they will be welcomed in Heaven at the end of their life journey. This is a higher standard than most Christians embrace, and there is a lot at stake due to many misunderstood, misleading messages being provided in modern Christianity. Furthermore, this is a standard which should be considered as mandatory by those who care about life destiny.

Key Life Destiny Statements

Three sets of biblically sound statements provide key indicators for those who are confident of spending eternity in heaven have been developed for self-reflection:

 I have established an authentic, dependent relationship with Christ—a relationship which is considered to be the most important relationship in my life.  This was achieved as a result of truly knowing Christ, 
accepting Him by acknowledging my sinful nature and being
repentant, and committing to follow Him daily.
 I have experienced a moment in my life in which I experienced “the
great exchange.” This is when I began to live a new life in Christ by
beginning a life-long process of being guided by the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. This has resulted in my seeking to live in accordance with God’s standards.
 I acknowledge that I was created by God to model Christ in my daily
interactions, as well as serve others faithfully by using my
God-provided resources.  This is how I can fulfill the purpose for which I was created.

Please read and reflect on the statements.  Those who can truthfully check the blocks above have a biblically sound basis of being confident of spending eternity in Heaven.

Want to Learn More

If you want to learn more about gaining a biblically sound reason for being confident of spending eternity in Heaven by making an ALL IN Commitment, read the booklet Getting on the Right Road.