Two Roads

Life’s Two Roads

There are two life roads everyone has to choose from—a narrow road or a broad road.

Matthew 7:13-14.  A brief description of these roads is shown below:


  • The narrow road leads to Heaven. People get on the narrow road as a result of establishing an authentic relationship with Christ and committing to follow Him daily. Those making this type of commitment get their name recorded in the Book of Life, and this is the event in which one’s eternal destiny in Heaven is assured. This event also marks the moment for which one begins the process of living a new life in the image of Christ. This results in the following earthly living conditions which satisfy the deepest longings of souls:


o   Experiencing authentic relationships which provide encouragement and support.

o   Living with clear meaning and purpose.

o   Having a relevant spiritual impact on lives.

o   Being valued and respected; and having a clear conscious.

o   Being assured of spending eternity in Heaven with Christ.


  • The broad road leads to Hell. People travel this road because they have never established an authentic relationship with Christ; therefore they have never committed to follow Him daily.  Earthly living conditions of those choosing the broad road by default  do not satisfy the deepest longings of their souls include:


o   Experiencing superficial relationships with people which lack spiritual substance.

o   Wondering “what on earth am I here for?” and “what’s missing in my life?”  These life circumstances lead to a mental state of frustration and disappointment regarding people’s lot in life.

o   Never getting enough of worldly pleasures and possessions—these are described as life’s good stuff.

o   Living in a state of fear or the unknown and worrying about things for which they have no control.

o   Not having relevant spiritual impacts on lives.

o   Experiencing regrets regarding their life choices including having fear of death

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